HI ALL! THE SHS CLUB consist of enthusiastic members who are constantly on the look out to bring forward fun,enjoyable and happening events for our students! Our activites aims to promote teamwork and social cohesion among SHS. So keep your eyes open for our flamboyant events JUST FOR YOU!
HS Club Room @ Block J, Level 4, Room J446

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SHS SPORTS DAY 09- Captain’s ball
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 @ 6/16/2009 11:45:00 PM

Dearest SHS students!

Thank you for your support in this year’s sports day.
It was yet another exciting event!
For the first time this year,
we joined forces with the Sports and Wellness team for this captain’s ball tournament.

The wet weather did not dampened the teams spirit to compete.
The match was delayed for almost an hour before it continued.

Team OTT rained as the champion for this event! CONGRATS!

Special thanks to Sports and Wellness and not forget the students who participated!

SHS DEBATES CHALLENGE 2009 The Battle of Wits
6/16/2009 11:17:00 PM

Hey there SHS students!

On the 12 June 2009,

Debates Challenge Finals was held at level 6, Blk H.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

6/16/2009 10:31:00 PM

Hey there SHS students!

School of Health Sciences Freshmen Orientation was held on the 20thApril 2009.
This year, we welcomed our freshmen with a theme entitled
“The VI Empires-The Legend Begins”.
SHS Academic Club hope that each SHS Freshmen will embark in a journey with a new beginning in NYP.
The event was a memorable not only for the freshmen, but for us too.
We would like to extend our thanks to our lecturers,
seniors and most importantly, our OGLS.
Apologies for putting up the photos late.
Do continue to support us in our events.

PS: photos are available on our multiply site: nypshs.multiply.com


Student Conference 2009
Monday, April 20, 2009 @ 4/20/2009 08:56:00 PM

Hey there SHS Students,

School of Health Sciences Student Conference 2009, an annual showcase of Final Year Project competition was held on the 20th March 2009. Guests from the industries were invited to see what our students have had to offer.

This year's Student Conference revolves around the theme of
HEALTHCARE APPRENTICE, Preserving the Legacy
In hope that each student is able to uphold the legacy of innovation and creativity.

The Student's from Diagnostic Radiography topped the competition,
with their innovation project the Ortholift 360

~NYP SHS Academic Club

Friendship Funfair
4/20/2009 08:43:00 PM

Hello Students!

On 30 January 2009, we had our very own Friendship Funfair in celebration of Friendship Day right here in SHS. Located in front of the LTK, we had food and games planned specially for you!

Thank you for your support!

SHS Commissioning Ceremony
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 @ 1/20/2009 10:38:00 PM

SHS Commissioning Ceremony which was held on Wednesday, 5th November was a success!

Firstly, A Big Thank You for all the hard work and contributions made by the SHS Management Committee 07/08.
We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

President: Nurul Suhayla Bte Md Rawi
Vice-President: Koh Chao Rui
Vice-President: Muhd Ariff Bin Johari
Honorary Secretary: Muhd Azhar B Samsudin
Honorary Treasurer: Nadia Husna Bte Kalana
Events Chairperson: Ali As'Sajjad Bin Emanan
Publicity Chairperson: Ashikin Bte Osman
Logistics Chairperson: Muhd Fadhil B Abdul Latif

Now, Welcoming the New SHS Management Committee for Year 08/09!We wish them all the best in taking over the responsibilities as the student leaders. :)

President: Muhd Fadhil
Vice-President: Nor Faizah
Vice-President: Nur Asyiqin
Honorary Secretary: Nur Leila
Honorary Treasurer: Md. Sharin
Events Chairperson: Tze Lee
Publicity Chairperson: Nur Fazreena
Asst. Publicity Chairperson: Nur Tahirah
Logistics Chairperson: Fathul Hakim
Welfare Chairperson: Grace
Asst. Welfare Chairperson: Nai Gee

Also, thank you to the Photography Club and the student helpers for lending their support for the occasion.

1/20/2009 10:17:00 PM

Hey there students!

On the 6 August 2008, we had our Nurses’ Day cum National Day celebration.

There was a sea of red and white that filled the garden in front of the LTK.
Many thanks for those who had turned up and we hope that you have enjoyed the event as much as we did enjoy preparing for it.
We had a number of performances by both students as well as lectures.
In addition, we had the recycling competition which enables the students to have the opportunity to portray their creativity.
Here are some pictures from the event…